Monday, November 4, 2013

Road to Recovery

The road to recovery has been slow-but steady.  It's hard to believe that I completed Ironman Wisconsin nearly 8 weeks ago, and now I am celebrating a 3 mile run/walk.  Priorities have dramatically changed, and I am alright with that.  I was able to go years without significant injury.  I was due.

In 2009, a short 3 weeks before Ironman Wisconsin, I was in a bicycle crash that left me with a minor concussion, 2 broken ribs, a broken hand, and about 25 stitches.  I could not walk, let alone run-as I laid in the ER of Good Samaritan, I feared my IMWI dreams for 2009 were over.  But those who know me know I do not give up.  It would take something a lot bigger than a few broken bones to keep me from that starting line that I worked 10 months to get to.  So I altered my goals, and set out to finish-sure enough, I was able to swim one-armed, carefully ride, and speed walk my way to my 4th Ironman finish.  

I share this 4 year old story because I believe it proves my dedication to goals I set out to achieve.  A heel stress fracture will not hold me back from what I hope to achieve in 2014.  I did register for Ironman Wisconsin again on September 7th, 2014-but I dream to run my first 100 mile race before I turn 30. My 30th birthday is December 3rd, 2014-so I have about 13 months to achieve this goal.  The tricky part now is when.  I cannot have this event be during Ironman training months, and it cannot be too soon after Ironman either.  Before I was diagnosed with this heel stress fracture 6 weeks ago, I had my sights set on the Indiana Trail 100 in late April.  Now that I am up to nearly 3 miles of straight running-my goal for April may be attainable.  If not, I'll have to look for something in late 2014.  

Either way, I'll do it. I'm recovering.  I'm running again. It was a long 6 weeks without it, and the run/walk plan I'm on is truly demoralizing. I tell myself that I have to start somewhere though, so I'll take what I can get for now. I'm back.